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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Party Outfits: this year, dresses take on even more glamour

Designers compete creatively, all striving to bring a new elegance to suits, making them more desirable, contemporary and above all innovative.Gentlemen, with the festivities fast approaching it is time to think about getting dressed up. Designers compete creatively, all striving to bring a new elegance to suits, making them more desirable, contemporary and above all evolving them, using even more innovative materials and expert cuts. Classic chic In Milan, Roberto Cavalli vies for elegance and asserts his supremacy with suits in super luxurious materials: a tight-fitting jacket, the collar emphasized by a black bow-tie and a refined texture. In Paris, Hermès extols a classic sophistication, tone on tone. A tailored aspect is also favoured and impresses by creating a silhouette that delivers an impeccable look. Too short trousers over a plain black t-shirt and suit jacket with contrasting satin lapels bring a hint of refinement to a young, urban silhouette. Detail does make a difference A single detail makes all the difference…a silhouette is strengthened through the effects of the cut and decorative elements. A belt, a scarf, a bow-tie, embroidery; all this brings a final note of sophistication to a suit or jacket. Another alternative for a less formal look is mismatching. Keep a classic element, like a suit jacket but team it with bright trousers. This makes the silhouette relaxed yet gives it oomph. Another main trend, launched by Marc Jacobs, is dressed up nightwear… in the spirit of pyjamas, dressing gowns and a desire to wrap-up and be cosy by the Christmas tree. This goes with jeans as well as matching trousers. Prints create a more daring look, over a white shirt accessorised with a bow-tie for an exaggerated sophistication. Patterned suits For those of you who resist the dressing gown look but who still like to be bold, you could opt for a patterned suit. At Louis Vuitton, artists Jake & Dinos Chapman assert their multicoloured prints. Exotic embellishments matched with a jacket are the perfect collaboration for winter and bring a touch of colour and cheer, utterly justifiable during this festive period… Interviews: Daniele Cavalli: For me, I wanted to also express in this collection the feeling that when you get into this kind world you have a wardrobe concentrating of course on what we do the best in the world, the tuxedo. Véronique Nichanian: I love this refined elegance, it’s not ostentatious, and these sublime materials which are played with in a very modern way, innovating the mix of materials. Ennio Capasa: This mix between tailoring which I think is coming back very strongly with a lot of reference and these kinds of street sophisticated clothes. Lucas Ossendrijver: For instance, during that last passage, you saw scarves, scarves that are actually made of leather bonded with jersey. Kim Jones: I have always wanted to do something with Jake and Dinos and because of the animals in the Himalayas that we were looking at and their weird, crazy animals, it was the perfect time to ask and it feels right. I never like things to be forced, it has to be something that is real and I sat down with Jake and chatted to him and showed him what my research was and he said ‘I’d love to do that’. Music free of right/Bandit & Nikit 2012.

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