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Friday, November 1, 2013

Minas Fashion Week in Belo Horizonte: designers to remember

" Brazilian city, Belo Horizonte, has witnessed the growth of its important textile industry, a sector that has sponsored fashion designers for ten years, inviting them to showcase their collections. Take a look back at the 5 Brazilian labels that got noticed at this fashion week.Belo Horizonte, a city of 4 million residents, is part of the region home to the most important gold and diamond mines in the world and where for nearly ten years the textile industry has sponsored a fashion week that allows Brazilian labels to showcase their collections, which are distinguished by two trends; a casual style and sparkling evening wear… Our first discovery; Fabiana Milazzo. The two girls behind the label bring out an ultra glamorous silhouette, composed of lace and embroidery added to basic pieces like trousers, jumpers or gowns produced in coloured lace. They also use Brazilian silk, one of the most beautiful sorts in the world, which is painted in an art nouveau style… Viktor Dzenk takes inspiration from India, creating a mixed collection for men and women. Printed cashmere takes pride of place in a wardrobe that favours the informal. A more urban look from Plural Vicenza includes hooded-jumpers in animal print. This is the label’s 9th appearance at this fashion week, seeing revenue which increases every year. Moving onto Aurea Prates; this label showcases embroidery, using flowers and feathers to emphasise its sweaters. Chiffon mixes with linen whilst silk interacts with cotton for a casual yet glamorous wardrobe. A body-hugging silhouette, a detailed jumper and burnt-out silk trousers, a black dress embroidered at the side and a zip at the back, floral details emphasised, a jacket or a skirt composed of a blend of ribbons…the prime material for Apartemento that suggests femininity and never unveils too much. Music from the fashion shows.

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