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Friday, September 26, 2014

Issey Miyake - Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris

Under a cloud at Issey Miyake with the "3D Steam Stretch"At Issey Miyake, the body floated like a cloud. Always at the forefront of new technology, the label was up to date and used a new technique which gives volume to the fabrics, simply with the effect of steam. After the “Pleat Please”, it is the turn of “3D Steam Stretch” to transform the clothes with a very light texture between knitwear, and pleats. The colour palette started off with very soft tones, but turned acidic towards the end and finished with intense blacks. Coats, jackets, shorts, dresses and tops all generous in volume, like origami, was charming, and as always at Issey Miyake, we were suspended in a moment in time, with a trademark of serenity, admired at this vibrant Paris Fashion Week. Interview: : This is 3D steam stretch, so …I already used this in our last collection, so this time we developed a new version of the steam stretch, so if you use steam it becomes a 3D form very quickly… so it’s a new fabric for this collection I want to show the light feeling so it’s volume is very important, not heavy, but looking dynamic in form, but the weight is very light, so it’s important for us.

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