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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dream Nation - Tribe

DREAM NATION - Dream Nation is young organic street fashion brand showcasing organic fabrics , urban shapes and bold patterns. It' s part of a new fashion industry taking responsibility for our customer choices and committed to sustainability. To create prints for their latest collection Tribe they collaborated with emerging polish artist Robert Kuta. Patterns are inspired by Ndebele art and Mayan culture . The movie Tribe directed by Jan Macierewicz with Kamil Płocki images focuses on 4 major brand and collection concepts : dreams , multiculturalism, tribe and gesture . All visual effects were made on set with no post production. To achieve this amazing, intriguing result movie was taken on the camera Red Scarlet combined with old 8mm tales displayed in the background and different filters and lenses. Concept art for the whole campaign created Sara Milczarek.

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